Crazy Bentley

Bentley is a young little boxer mix pup who’s even crazier than my dog, Sheldon. Sheldon and Bentley had a romping session in the grass today. Don’t worry, it’s all just play biting. Bentley is still in one piece.

Puppies sure are crunchy.



Sheldon’s Window

More of Sheldon today.  He’s such an interesting subject.

While petting him, I notice how interesting his eyes were.  Eyes are supposedly windows into one’s soul.  Why not take photos of this window?

I’m amazed at how Sheldon tolerated my macro lens and hood inches from his face.  Don’t worry, I gave him a tasty treat for his troubles.  There appeared to be an actual window on his eye, but it was just a reflection of the patio door.

His lashes are very long, makes him look like a girl.

What pretty eyes you have.

Sheldon’s Sad Face

It was such a nice, warm afternoon today.  I took Sheldon out for a long stroll punctuated by a siesta under a maple tree.

Sheldon wasn’t really sad in these images, he was more annoyed at my constant commands to get him to look at the camera.  He has a wonderful smile, but my arm isn’t long enough to scratch his chin and take the shot too.

Sheldon’s sad face.

Sheldon’s “what do you want, I’m trying to eat some grass” face.

Sheldon’s Debut

I was saving photos of my dog, Sheldon, for a day when I just had nothing else to shoot.  Cause who doesn’t love a cute dog?  Well, some people, but no one I care to entertain.  I kid, I kid… dog haters have their place in the world too.

Anyway, I was at a small park somewhere in Libertyville.  The sun was setting and the lighting was just too good to pass up.  I snapped a few shots of Sheldon and Cindy on their late afternoon walk.

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Cindy and Sheldon.

A solo of Sheldon.