Tennis Court Games

A high energy dog and no fenced in backyard, what am I to do to keep this beast from trashing my place?

Tennis courts! They’re fenced in and most players don’t use them when it’s a little chilly out. The rough, painted pavement also has the added benefit of grinding those dog claws down. To this day, I’ve never had to trim my dog’s nails.

Happy dog after a quick lap around the court.

It just takes 5 minutes to tire this dog out.


Dark Side of the Moon

Clouds seems to engulf the moon tonight.  I took a quick shot and ran inside to grab a longer lens.  And just like that, the clouds were gone.

Clouds engulfing the moon.

No more clouds.

Neon Greens

My least favorite of all vegetables, bitter melon.  God only knows why the Asian elders love this stuff.  I had a few young plants maturing in my dining room, and I thought I’d take a closer look at them.

I wanted to capture the capillaries and veins of its leaves, so I grabbed a flash and lit them from behind.  I didn’t want any of the soil/pot to be in the image, so I used a flash to block light spilling below.  The tiny aperture and a little post processing did the rest to isolate the leaf.

Bitter melon leaf.

Bitter melon leaves.

Schaumburg Sculpture Park

There’s a small sculpture park nearby that I frequently jog pass.  Today was the first time I took a closer look at the art work.  And to be honest, I wasn’t impressed with the sculptures.  I don’t get these modern artists sometimes.

One did pique my interest.  It was a large ball of what looked like large aluminum can tabs. It was interesting because it allowed me to take a photo with my super wide lens which made it seem as it was take from inside the sculpture.  Also, there was a cardinal’s nest inside the ball.  I noticed the mother bird staring warily from a nearby branch.  I would’ve taken a shot, but a super wide wouldn’t do a 3 inch cardinal justice.

Ball of aluminum can tabs.

Sunset fuzzies.