Dried Roses

I don’t do too well with live plants. I tend to over or under water them. However, I do just fine with dried roses.

I gave these purple roses to Cindy for one of those Hallmark holidays. I’m glad she preserves them in some way, so I don’t feel so bad for paying so much for dead foliage.

Lavender roses.

Petals up close.


Light Writing

I tried painting with light once before in Vancouver during a night photo workshop, but haven’t done it since. I didn’t even do the writing, I pressed the shutter and the instructor did all the work.

It took me a little bit to get the settings right and to get use to writing backwards. I ended up using a 20 sec exposure because backwards writing is hard to do and I’m slow.

If you look close, you’ll see my dog’s silhouette under the “ON.”

I gave up trying to dot the “i.” The lamp post did it for me.

Gadget Magic

My Nikon WU-1B wireless attachment for my D600 arrived today. It’s suppose to allow you to control and download images from camera to iPhone/iPad wirelessly.

The Nikon iPhone app is free, but it’s pretty much crap. Sure you can tell the camera to take a picture with the app, but it’ll take a good 2-3 minutes to upload a Raw image. The interface is also pretty terrible.

I ended up using a $15 app called ShutterSnitch instead. It allows images to be transferred to an iDevice via wireless add-ons (Eye-Fi, Wifi, WU-1B). It works great. Here’s a shot of me using my infrared remote to trigger the camera and upload the image to my iPad.


Technology, gotta love it.

A New Toy

My new to me Nikon D600 (refurbished) arrived today. I was excited to take it out for a spin.

I love the form factor, it’s much smaller than my Nikon D800. I can’t believe Nikon was able to stick a full frame sensor and mirror in this thing. The images it takes are phenomenal too.

Reviews told me these cameras were plagued with sensor dust issues. Turned the aperture to f/22, zoomed in at the sky, defocused, and took a shot. Yup, what a filthy sensor!

I haven’t given up on this camera yet. Off to the Nikon Service Center to see what they can do to help.

Trees in the front yard.

Sunset by the lake.