Up in Smoke

Tonight I tried to take a stab at smoke photography.  Using a macro lens, flash with makeshift snoot, and incense, I shut off the lights and began shooting away.

Like all things new and different in photography, I found it very challenging.  For one, without any ambient light, it was impossible to focus.  A tripod may have helped, but I wanted to be agile enough to capture varying perspectives.  Also, I’ve read that you only have 20 minutes before the room fills up with enough smoke to degrade the image.

I flipped on one of the lamps, just enough to give me a chance to focus manually (auto focus wasn’t an option).  Even then, none of my images were tack sharp.  No matter, post processing magic would help me these shots interesting.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Bridal veil.

Spiral stream.


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