Snow in Spring

I woke up to a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning.  But what is this?  Snow on the green grass?  Crazy Chicago weather…

I took a stroll around the Prairie Center for the Arts, the swan were still asleep, and the ducks were playing in their duck ways.  There was a light covering of snow, not the flaky stuff, it looked more like white pellets up close.  Not very photogenic at all.  Some of the flowers are already in bloom, but most were drooping.  I don’t think they like the cold weather.

I found one lone purple flower in the shade, sheltered from the snow.  Looks pretty, took a few shots.  I’m not that big on flowers, sorry, but I have not idea what it is.

That’s it, day 3 complete.

Blossoming flower, sorry I don’t know what these are.

Spring ice.


3 thoughts on “Snow in Spring

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